Surf's Up!

Jan. 20, 2018

It has been years since I painted a seascape. I suddenly felt the need to create swirling waters, fast moving waves crashing against the steadfast rocks. Art often mimics life. Here's the beginning of this new journey.

May. 27, 2016

My last blog showed a painting I was working on. I mentioned some things I would be changing...but guess what? A painting takes on its own life while you are working on it and suddenly it speaks to you in a different way. Instead of softening the mountains in the backgound I made them more stark by contrasting two colors. I remembered thinking that some of the shadows around the cactus were creating the effects of stained glass so I added more reds and oranges to bring that area more alive to the viewer. And so it goes... off to rest and dry a month before I add varnish. I hope to have it ready for a show in July... and if it isn't dry by them I will use a hair dryer to accomplish what mother nature didn't complete.

May. 16, 2016

Who Thought Up These Colors?

Started a new painting of "Red Rocks"  based on a road trip we took to Las Vegas last week. I'm painting this from memory, not a photograph. I challenge my senses to remember the light, the colors, etc and then I see if I can capture that from memory. It becomes more a part of me that way.

This large canvas  is about half way done.   I will be making some composition adjustments this week and softening the rocks in the background to bring more focus on the cactus.

Sometimes I think about how God decided to give us all the amazing colors we see. I think that should have been part of Genesis in the bible...


Apr. 22, 2016

Several months ago I was asked by my church priest to help chair the annual fundraiser in May. I developed a theme of "The Four Seasons" pairing Vivaldi's music (he was known as the red haired priest), with seasonal dishes and wine pairings. In designing the invitation I couldn't find anything suitable so I decided to do a small painting of four identical trees in each season.  As soon as I had done the initial underpainting my priest told me there was a scheduling conflict and we would have to cancel the event this year. WHOAAA! I was now stuck in limbo with an underpainting " all dressed up and nowhere to go."  I thought.... and prayed... and suddenly my hand reached for the brush and I changed the painting entirely... making it a lively group of trees. I'll do another one for next year but in the meantime that canvas has found its own life. ENJOY!

Apr. 18, 2016

Here's a simple creative way to upscale old outdoor seating cushions. Most people don't know you can purchase fabric spray paint at Hobby Lobby and other craft stores. It is less expensive than recovering old cushions. Spray the cushions until you get the desired color and then use a stencil with fabric markers to create your own design to perk it up a bit. I used charcoal grey paint and then applied this bird design as an overlay with fabric markers. Quite easy, cost around $15 with paint, stencil and markers and took about two hours to complete. (be sure the paint is completely dry before you use the fabric markers!)  Have fun with it!