Apr. 22, 2016

Flexibility is the key to creating!

Several months ago I was asked by my church priest to help chair the annual fundraiser in May. I developed a theme of "The Four Seasons" pairing Vivaldi's music (he was known as the red haired priest), with seasonal dishes and wine pairings. In designing the invitation I couldn't find anything suitable so I decided to do a small painting of four identical trees in each season.  As soon as I had done the initial underpainting my priest told me there was a scheduling conflict and we would have to cancel the event this year. WHOAAA! I was now stuck in limbo with an underpainting " all dressed up and nowhere to go."  I thought.... and prayed... and suddenly my hand reached for the brush and I changed the painting entirely... making it a lively group of trees. I'll do another one for next year but in the meantime that canvas has found its own life. ENJOY!