Light makes right!

When painting en plein , an artist must be prepared to paint in any kind of light: 

early in the morning

at noon

paint at dusk

Of course there are limits...

On the road with Art

As the name indicates,Plein Air art is done outside, usually on location. So one must get out of the stuffy studio, and go to exotic places to paint! like this...

or this

or even this

and of course, one day...

“Your opus magnus must have the right canvas!”

Besides talent, an artist needs good supplies

Patricia SABLAK-Korzec prefers black gallery grade canvas

However, in a pinch, white or studio grade black canvas is OK

But there are limits to adequite canvas!

The True Artists' Credo

Paint them small

Or paint them big



 No plein, no gain! -P. Sablak

If you’ve seen la Boheme or other shows about artistes, you know what their studio is suppose to look like: an unheated garret, with minimal furnishings, rats in the walls, artists living on bread, and of course (cheap) wine.

HA!  That was then, this is now!


This is the 21st Century studio: Heated, (or more importantly in Southern California. air conditioned), Flat screen TV, and instead of rats, a vicious guard dog.

But some things never change in an artists studio.

That's right, there always is and always will be the color, creativity, and the vision of the artist!

Oh yes, and also the wine...


The writer is my significant other Tom, who will be coming up with new insights weekly.


(All photos are from the various studios the artist I have had over the years)