Sequoia Sunset
Rounding a corner at sunset on a curvy mountain road, a break in the tree line reveals an explosion 30" x 40" $1,200

Sequoia National Park is not just masses of trees but also jagged mountain tops that rise above the forests. Painted on a sunny morning before Thanksgiving 2016 the early morning sunlight brought a glow to everything in view. (It snowed the next day!) Plein air 18 x 24 $600

This triptych captures the grandeur of the Yosemite Valley. The expansiveness of colors and textures are intended to stimulate the mind into a spiritual journey of light and dark. The entire piece measures 108" x 48" and each panel is 36" x 48". The piece can be hung with a three inch separation between panels and if you are daring... a corner piece with panels on one side of the corner and the third placed perpendicular on the other side. $5,000.